Agent 5629, Paul Junior Morin, who risked causing someone’s death, remains on duty…

An SPVM cop who belongs in a special hall of shame is one Agent 5629. He is the one who with malice aforethought deprived someone in his custody of medical care risking this person’s life.

It was in the hours following the 23 May mass arrest, largest in this country’s history, at the corner of St-Denis and Sherbrooke streets. One of the prisoners with a heart condition had no access to his medicine and slipped into an emergency situation. 5629 attempted to prevent any assistance reaching the victim.

Eleven months later, he also threatened someone with a taser for the purposes of issuing a ticket for “audible noise”.

About the incident at the mass arrest, William Girard on Facebook reported…

Several students questioned, as well as a nurse have testified that a person in his sixties had a cardiac malaise without having received adequate aid in a timely manner. This person complained of chest pains and difficulty breathing. He asked to be allowed to take his medicine which was refused by Agent Paul Junior Morin, badge number 5629, who was in the STM bus marked 27-028. He said that he had a paper on him to prove his state. Agent 5629 refused to help this person in distress. Students shouted to get an ambulance. Police closed the windows of the bus so that the sound would not be heard outside. Finally, the man fell to the ground, many precious minutes were wasted before police did anything and called an ambulance. Agent 5620 said that he did his job for “the cash” and also to intimidate students.


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